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Banking & Finance

The financial system is constantly evolving and to align with European standards, lending institutions are making increasingly detailed and more complex requests to their customers.

 In this regard, at Phenix Consulting we believe that it is essential to assist our customers in their relationship with banks. Based on our experience and expertise we provide constant support to our customers to better manage the relationship and demands of banks. We also provide consulting services to support the management of liquidity, credit risk and to obtaining medium-long-term financing (for the purchase of plant and buildings or real estate)

Banking & Finance

What we can do

Supporting our clients during the loan application (machinery, vehicles, real estates, short/medium term needs)

Liquidity enhancement

Documentary support (KYC, Business Plan, Due Diligence)

Raise potential lenders for supporting your business growth

Credit enhancement and risk mitigation

Management of the relationship and negotiation processes with your banks

How it works

Efficient and optimal management of the relationships with banks is essential to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business. Depending on your different needs and the specificity of your business we will provide you with ad hoc support.  For more details and support please fill in the application form and a specialist will contact you to make an appointment that will be free. 

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