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Project Finance

Project finance is the process of financing a specific economic unit (SPV, Special Purpose Vehicle) that the sponsor creates where funding is obtained strictly for the project itself.

Project finance is used for a variety of reasons:
High leverage
Long term financing
Reduction of the costs of funding
Off-balance sheet financing
Tax benefits

Project finance is our core business and we have extensive successful experiences. Thanks to our experience and expertise we will provide you with 360-degree consulting services in both greenfield and brownfield projects (M&A). We will assist you during the structuring of a nonrecourse or limited recourse PF process. We will be your partner from the beginning until the post-closing activities.

Project Finance

What can we do

Due Diligence: it is the key to successful project financing.

Negotiation and support during the drafting of the Facility Agreement and Security Agreement

Bid strategy

Supporting the fulfillment of the condition precedent

Debt structuring

Supporting the drawdown process and the post-closing activities

How it works

When you want to develop a project or you want to start an M&A process a key aspect is to be able to make use of leverage which means putting less equity and more debt financing from external sources. Our experts will help you in the initial phase of the due diligence process, both in the case of the development of the project and in the case of the acquisition, to guarantee you a bankable project. Thanks to our support and knowledge you will be able to obtain leverage up to 75% which will allow you to substantially increase your IRR.

For more details and support please fill in the application form and a specialist will contact you to make an appointment that will be free.

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